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Dear Diary

“Whistles at Casillas? I’m not going to get into a debate. That’d be stupid. The club is above all. We focus on what we need to do. Iker can handle this. He knows that not everyone likes him. He’s not a robot and it’s normal that this affects him. As a madridista, teammate and friend I couldn’t blame him and I won’t.” — Sergio Ramos

"We are professionals & we understand that the fans were angry about losing at home, because they come here to disconnect from things and haven’t been able to.  But the fans also need to be sensible and understand that we like to play in a comfortable atmosphere with support, happiness and optimism.  There was all of that today, but most of all we like that the people left happy.

I’m not going to get into the debate about the whistles at Iker, that would be stupid. The club is before everything else but Iker is not a robot & these things affect him. As a Madridista and as his teammate & friend, I would be unable to do that to him.”

- Sergio Ramos, after the match against FC Basel | 16-09-14 

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